Decking is a popular choice for creating a feature within in a garden or landscape. There are a wide range of materials to choose from and the design possibilities are only limited by your imagination. With our expertise we can custom design & build a decking system to suit any property and its surroundings – whatever the budget.


A professionally constructed decking system, using high quality materials, can extend a house into a garden and add value to your property. It also has the ability to enhance a garden visually and provide an outside living area perfect for relaxation and entertaining. There are a wide range of additional extras to choose from including balustrades, pergolas and privacy screens.


Decking is a very effective way of making use of sloping or even ground. With the use of stilts and steps, different levels can be created giving the impression of uniformity and will make a garden much easier to navigate.

Our professional team are also capable of creating other features from timber including pergolas, arbours and archways.


A deck should be an extension of you and your home. It’s an investment. The right deck can add substantial value to your home, whereas the wrong deck can literally detract from your home’s value. Therefore, choosing the right designer, the right materials and the right carpenter are critical. Why settle for any old contractor? Contact us today to arrange for a FREE no obligation site survey and quotation for decking, pergolas, arbours or archways.

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